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Kurashina Kana & Hamada Gaku promote their digital drama 'Higashino Keigo Series - Warai'


On July 23rd, actress Kurashina Kana and actor Hamada Gaku attended the advanced screening of the digital omnibus drama series 'Higashino Keigo Series - Warai' at Shinjuku Wald 9 in Tokyo.

The advanced screening and stage greeting is part of the "Tsunagare 'Warai' Campaign", and the two actors took various pictures with a digital camera on stage aside from the usual talking. Kurashina was in very high spirits and kept on taking one picture after another of Hamada. "Look here! Think of the camera as your lover," she said while going for a close-up.

As announced in May, 'Higashino Keigo Series - Warai' is the first drama series of KDDI and J:COM's new digital service called 'Drama JoKer' and will begin distributing starting from August 1st. The drama features various short stories from Higashino's 'Warai' (laugh) collections that don't contain his trademark crime and mystery stories, but multiple comedic stories full of black humor. Kurashina and Hamada are starring in the story called 'Motemote Spray'. The other two stories are called 'Aru Ji-san ni Senkou wo' (starring Sasano Takashi, Suda Masaki, and AKB48's Miyazawa Sae) and 'Yuukai Denwamou' (starring Mikami Hiroshi, Mimura, and Ishimaru Kenjiro).

In 'Motemote Spray', Hamada plays the timid protagonist named 'Takashi' who receives a 'motemote spray' (spray that makes you popular with women) from a dubious professor (Tsugawa Masahiko). Kurashina had to portray the heroine whose behavior towards the protagonist suddenly changes 180 degrees whenever she gets affected by the spray.

She commented, "Comedy has always been difficult for me, so I've struggled a lot, but you certainly shouldn't miss the moment when I as the heroine get affected by the spray and undergo a complete change."

Hamada said about his character, "He's a sweet guy who wants to become popular with women no matter what."

The two actors were asked what kind of miraculous item they'd like to have for themselves, and Hamada answered, "I want a seganobi-ru. (derived from 'se ga nobiru' - 'growing taller')." Hamada, who is 160cm (5'3") tall,continued, "If I were around 180cm (5'10") tall, I wouldn't have to get all peeved about height restrictions and be able to ride roller coasters."

Kurashina, who seems to be very busy with work, answered, "I want a 'Dokodemo door'. All the time I have to move between places is such a waste. I'd like to go through this door and arrive at the actual spot right away!"

There is also a reason why the two of them were doing a private photo session on stage during the greeting. The theme song for the drama series is 'Warattemi' by Tortoise Matsumoto, and they plan to release a drama PV full of pictures of people smiling into the camera. Kurashina and Hamada were trying to promote the campaign to the public. Everyone can submit their personal smiling photos via Twitter and Facebook until the end of September.

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Source: Cinema Today

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