Matsuyama Kenichi is a newly-minted dad in latest SKY PerfecTV! CM

July 21, 2012 @ 1:50 am
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The new CM for digital satellite broadcasting service "SKY PerfecTV!" will be aired starting July 20th and follows the daily on-goings of a couple played by actor Matsuyama Kenichi andKurosawa Kazuko from comedian trio Morisanchu. In this latest heartwarming CM, the couple welcomes the birth of their first child. Incidentally Koyuki, real-life wife of Matsuyama just had a baby boy in January this year.

This CM will be the last of the series featuring the happy couple and will show the sweet interactions between a pregnant Kurosawa and Matsuyama as they pack to move out to a new place. The story for this couple concludes happily with a photo of the smiling family of three.

This latest CM titled "Moving Day. 3 Years On" will be broadcast along with another version "Our Daily Life", featuring highlights from this CM series which has been running for the last two years.

Check out scenes from the CM below!

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Source: Oricon

Image: Oricon and Natalie


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