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misono celebrates 10th anniversary with a special event in Okinawa

July 3, 2012 @ 10:25 am
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On July 1st, misono celebrated the tenth anniversary of her debut with a special event in Okinawa.

200 fans from all over the country were selected in a special raffle to attend the event. After a one-hour live exclusively for her fan club members, misono got up close and personal with her fans, barbecuing with them, giving them advice on their troubles, and holding a question-and-answer session for approximately five hours. "I wanted to pay back all the fans who've been supporting me!" said misono enthusiastically about her fan service event.

misono had multiple gifts lined up for the occasion. During the live performance, the singer took a commemorative photo with all of her fans; during the barbecue, each and every person participating in the event received an original necklace straight from misono herself. misono also invited fans up onto the stage during her talk corner, where they talked about what was weighing on their minds. Those who were honest about their worries were given signed personal effects from misono.

Since the singer spent one year at the Okinawa Actors School, the area has a special place in her heart. misono spent time eating local cuisine with her staff before and after the event, such as Okinawan soba and bitter melon chanpuru.

The day before her tenth year anniversary event on July 1st, misono held mini-lives and handshake events at San-A Kyozuka City and Naha Main Place. She is also scheduled to appear live on a radio program on FM Okinawa.

Check out photos from her special events below!

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