Miura Riki and Yamamoto Yuki welcomes their 2nd child

July 10, 2012 @ 5:33 am
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It's been reported that actor Miura Riki's (28) wife, model Yamamoto Yuki (25) has given birth to their 2nd child!

According to the announcement, Yamamoto gave birth to a healthy baby girl on July 9th weighing at 2780 grams (6 lbs. 2 oz.). On her official blog, she expressed, "It's been 10 months and 8 days. Thought I was 2 days before my due date, and had a fast and easy delivery, to me, it was a long and mysterious time."

Around 3:00 pm, Yamamoto wrote on her Twitter, "Delivery room NOW!! So fast! Everyone, I'll be going," and gave birth at 4:51 pm. Then around 5:00 pm, she reported, "She's born!!!!!! lol".

Yamamoto and Miura got married in September of 2010, and welcomed their first daughter in January the next year. Earlier this February, she reported her 2nd pregnancy saying, "This feeling again after a long time. Why is it such a warm feeling when a baby is inside your stomach?"

Congratulations to the proud parents!

Source & Image: Oricon


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