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MIYAVI to release mini-album and photo book this fall

July 23, 2012 @ 8:38 pm
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On July 21st, MIYAVI held his premium live, 'DAY 1', at Kinema Club in Tokyo.

For the guest act, OKAMOTO'S took the stage to warm up the crowd. Although tickets were already sold out before their appearance was confirmed, they excited MIYAVI fans with their powerful performance.

Then, MIYAVI and drummer BOBO performed a total of 18 songs for a 2-hour long concert. Because this concert was broadcast live via YouTube, MIYAVI sang straight into the camera, and spoke in English for his fans overseas.

During the encore, MIYAVI revealed that he's currently working on a new mini-album which is set for release this fall. This will be a part of his collaboration project, 'SAMURAI SESSION WORLD SERIES', that he launched last year.

At the same time, it was announced that MIYAVI will be releasing a photo book called 'Gekkan Men MIYAVI'. This photo book will carry the same concept as his 'SAMURAI SESSION WORLD SERIES' project. The photos will be taken by "samurai" photographer Nitta Keichi, who was also in charge of filming and photography for this concert.

Stay tuned for more details on MIYAVI's upcoming releases!

Source & Image: BARKS


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