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Momoiro Clover Z cheers on boys school with a special live

July 18, 2012 @ 8:59 am
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On July 17th, idol group Momoiro Clover Z made a surprise visit to the all-boys Nihon University Buzan Senior High School in Gokokuji, Tokyo to give them an extra boost as the students get ready for their exams.

Underneath the blazing sun, the girls performed six of their songs for the high school students that day. "I'd love to do a boys festival or girls festival, something like that, for people our age," said leader Momota Kanako during the group's first ever live performance at an all-boys' school. Member Ariyasu Momoka, who is in her senior year of high school herself, cheered on the crowd with her own motivational message. "In studying, all the effort you make will come back to you, so do the best you can. Let's try our hardest to do what we can right now together!" she said to her audience.

When the students of Nihon University Buzan Senior High saw the real Momoiro Clover Z appear on stage for the "break up live" of the school's own "Gokokuji Clover Z" - a group consisting of high school seniors who are huge fans of the idols - the entire crowd of high school students gathered outside burst into cheers. Gokokuji Clover Z's leader Shiraki Kazunari was totally lovestruck by the girls, commenting, "The only girls we usually see are our teachers, so [to us], they're really cute."

Leader Momota was also happy about their one-day collaboration with Gokokuji Clover Z. "It was amazing and fun. We heard that they'd been dancing and putting on musical performances of our songs at their culture festivals, but seeing it for the first time made me so happy," she said with gratitude. Momota and Ariyasu, who are in their final of year of high school, also revealed their goals for their last year as students. "It has that 'let's make memories in class' mood. When summer break is over, we'll be in exam mode, so we'd like to make summer vacation memories."

Momoclo's performance at the school is part of a wider campaign aiming to boost the morale of middle and high school students who are taking exams in a collaborative effort with "Lotte Ice Soh", which the idol group also promotes in the project's commercials.

Check out their commercial for the project, as well as photos from the special event below!

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Source + Images: Oricon


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