Momoiro Clover Z to get a new TV show "UFI's Incomplete TV" as alias persona UFI

July 28, 2012 @ 5:15 am
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Mikakunin Shoujo-tai UFI is an idol group made up of a team of unidentified girls from TV Tokyos late night sitcom show "Urero?Mikansei Shojo (Be Popular?Incomplete Girls)". During the shows third episode on July 27th, it was announced that UFI will get their own TV show. Staying true to their words, it has been revealed that UFI will indeed get its own show outside of the sitcom, titled "UFI no Mikansei TV (UFIs Incomplete TV)", which will start airing on August 4th.

"Urero Mikansei Shojo" is a sitcom centered on a small fictional management agency "@Kawashima Production". Gekidan Hitori plays the role of the president of the company, while other artistes such as Baka Rhythm, Tokyo03 and former Momoiro Clover member, Hayami Akari, pretend to be staff of the agency, and UFI is an idol group managed by the company. The first season of the show received good reviews and it has returned for a second season.

UFI was formed for the purpose of raising a revolution in the idol world and is a cryptic group with the members identities, ages, real names, and body measurements all a mystery. Their producer is Masuno Hidetomo (Baka Rhythm), and all their songs are composed and written by Kakuda Akihiro of comedian trio Tokyo03. In reality, UFI is made up of the same members of Momoiro Clover Z.

Appearing in the "UFIs Incomplete TV" will be Momoiro Clover Z and emcees Ogiyahagi and announcer Matsumura Yuki, with Himura Yuki from comedian group Bananaman also appearing as a guest. As the members of UFI are still incomplete idols, they will go through various trials on the program and participate in drawing and singing games as well as act in short dramas.

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Source + Image: Natalie and Oricon


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