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Star Flower appears for a public recording of their debut song

July 11, 2012 @ 1:28 pm
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Star Flower, a music unit comprised of child actresses Kobayashi Seiran and Tani Kanon, appeared at a studio in Tokyo for a public recording of their debut song Toshishita no Otoko no Ko (the song will be released for sale on August 1). The name of their music unit comes from the character for star in Seirans name and the character for flower in Kanons name.

The two second-year elementary school students covered a popular song by the former idol group Candies. When an uncle-like reporter asked, Did your mom teach you that song?, Kanon answered with I dont know if my mom knows the song, but my grandma knows it, which brought laughter to the studio.

When asked, Do you want to appear on Kohaku Uta Gassen?, the pair answered directly with Yes! Kanon added with a serious face, But we cannot appear on live-broadcast programs after 8PM, so Her explanation of the regulations for child actors brought more laughter to the studio.

Source and Image: Sanspo


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