Documentary program featuring Johnny's Jr. to be aired on NTV

August 3, 2012 @ 8:10 pm
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On August 2nd, it was revealed that Johnnys Jr., a part of Johnnys & Associates, Inc., will be featured in a documentary that will air on NTV (on the Kanto Local channel). With the title Johnnys Jr. no Shinjitsu (tentative title), the documentary will follow Johnnys Jr. members for about 2 months and it will show the boys in practice rooms as well as backstage. The documentary presses towards an honest picture of the mysterious lessons and competition for positions that shape these members into stars.

The Johnnys Jr. is a key factor in shaping artists, even the popular stars such as SMAP and Arashi have passed through. With the goal of becoming a top idol, the documentary strips down and reveals the day to day competition between the members.

The documentary will paint an honest picture of the 150 Jr. members between the ages of 9-21 as they perform at Johnnys Dome Theatre ~SUMMARY~, which opens on August 6 at Tokyo Dome City Hall and ends September 9. The documentary will reflect the strict lessons and practices necessary to serve as A. B. C-Z and Sexy Zones back-up dancers; it will also show the backstage footage of the Jr. members.

This is the first time in Johnnys history that cameras will follow the Jr. members that have yet to debut for such a long period. Up until now, the activities of Johnny's Jr. members have been wrapped up in mystery. The documentary will reveal the types of lessons the members undergo, the selection criteria to become a member, their family background, and the stories of when they began to set their sights on Johnnys., and other aspects that are not usually revealed.

Director Ishimura Shuji explained, I wanted to know why Jr. members, who appeared on the serial drama Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou in April and in CMs to great reception, were so popular. He was confident as he stated, It was impressive how Johnnys talents expresse their aspirations and dreams towards senior artists in the company. I think we would be able to understand the secret to the popularity of Johnnys artists after searching through Jr., a key component [to Johnnys & Associates.]"

Filming begins in August, and it will air on September 30th at 3:30pm on NTV' Kanto local channel.

Source: Sports Hochi


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