Kitagawa Keiko to star in new NTV drama "Akumu-chan"

August 17, 2012 @ 8:12 pm
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Kitagawa Keiko will be starring in a new Nihon TV drama series titled Akumu-chan thats starting in October. The series will be aired every Saturday from 9pm-9.54pm. Kitagawa is taking on the role of a smart, pretty and svelte elementary school teacher. However, the character has another side to her- in reality, shes a mean and scheming person. Kitagawa expressed much enthusiasm at her first role as a teacher, I think this is a role with a lot of impact and shock factor. My roles so far have been of pretty, fashionable and smiling ladies, so in some sense Im breaking new ground.

The original draft for the drama series is based on novel, Yume Chigai by popular novelist Onda Riku. The story is a science-fiction fantasy and revolves around how the lead character fight off crises as she solve various puzzling incidents that seem to have been foretold in dreams. The character that Kitagawa plays, Mutoi Ayami is sincere, beautiful, intelligent and seemingly perfect but actually has a mean personality. A young girl of 11, Koto Yuiko transfers to Ayamis class. Yuiko sees a nightmarish future in her premonition dreams. Despite Ayamis unwillingness to be involved in something troublesome, she grudgingly agrees to help Yuiko and embarks on solving puzzling occurrences, overcoming many obstacles on the way.

Kitagawa has looked through the script and gave a brief description of the character she plays, She has a sense of justice and wouldnt ignore those in need, despite thinking that its troublesome. At the same time she lives in a harsh reality and so she hedges her risks as she moves along. She is also rather aloof.

About acting the role of a mean woman, Kitagawa expressed, Everyone has parts of their personality that they express doubts about, thinking, I have such a horrible veneer, I do not like that aspect of me. On top of being like that, she also projects the outward appearance of I must do this properly. Rather than saying she has a dual personality, I would say that she has multiple personalities. I will keep an open attitude as I try to grasp this deformed character.

Co-starring with Kitagawa is child actress Kimura Manatsu. Kimura is selected from an audition of over 500 hopefuls and will beplaying the role of Yuiko. Also participating in the drama series are Kohinata Fumiyo, GACKT, Yuka, Hamada Mari and Okada Keisuke from MasudaOkada. GACKT will be playing two characters in the drama series. He commented, Through this drama, I would like to express the message that no matter how difficult a situation we end up in, as long as we have a strong will and work hard, we can change our future and fulfill our dreams. This will be the second time Yuka and Kitagawa are working together and Yuka is looking forward to filming, expressing It seems that we will have a lot of interaction this time. It will be great if we could talk about various subjects.

Source: Oricon

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