Kutsuna Shiori attends the presentation event for Epson's new 'Colorio' printers

August 31, 2012 @ 6:44 am
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On August 29th, actress Kutsuna Shiori attended the product launch event for Epson's new 'Colorio' printers in Tokyo.

Epson introduced a total of 10 new printers from the 'Colorio Mini' compact printer 'Atena Tatsujin E-830' to the multi-functional printer 'EP-905A'. The new models will go on sale on September 20th and Kutsuna was appointed as the image character for their promotions.

The new Epson CM with Kutsuna is expected to start airing in Japan sometime this fall. In the CM, she visits a summer festival where she takes pictures of the children who are disguised as monkeys, piglets, and kappas. Back at home, she prints them out and is able to do so in stunning quality thanks to the new Colorio printer.

She commented, "We were filming the CM exactly when the heat wave struck Japan, but everyone tried their best in their animal costumes. The boy in his kappa costume was so adorable, it really eased my mind and was a lot of fun." Moreover she promoted the new printers saying, "It's a new sensation and technology from a new generation, which I hope everyone will be able to experience soon."

Kutsuna had been working abroad until the day before the PR event. She revealed that she had been to Paris and her home country Australia. She expressed, "I also went to Australia for work, but I still was able to meet my old friends. Foreign children seem to mature much faster and more visibly. I was surprised by their changed outward appearances."

When asked about how she has been spending her summer this year, she replied, "Roughly speaking, I'm enjoying every day (laughs). It's my sixth year here in Japan, but I've never been to a summer festival. I definitely wanted to go this year, but next year I'll go for sure."

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