More details about Narimiya Hiroki's character in 'Aibou season 11' revealed

August 13, 2012 @ 6:54 am
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In April it was announced that Narimiya Hiroki is going to become the new and third partner of Mizutani Yutaka in the upcoming eleventh season of the popular crime drama series 'Aibou'. Today they finally revealed the name and more details about his character.

The new partner for inspector 'Sugishita Ukyo' (Mizutani) is called 'Kai Toru' (Narimiya) and he's an ambitious policeman who gradually climbed up the career ladder until becoming a detective. After graduating from university, he wanted to become a detective and deal with all those atrocious crimes. He passed the examination of the Metropolitan Police Department without problems, but he first had to prove himself for a very long time as an uniformed policeman at a local police box.

His great efforts and excellent performance eventually was recognized by his chief and he was allowed to take the selection test for becoming a detective and passed this one as well. He finally achieved his dream of becoming a detective at the Criminal Investigation Department.

General producer Matsumoto Motohiro commented, "What kind of guy is he? How is he going to become a member of the 'Special Mission Task Force'? It certainly will be fun to find out all that and more. Aibou eleven is the beginning of a new adventure!" Of course, the first big highlight of the new season will be the first encounter between 'Sugishita Ukyo' and 'Kai Toru'.

The highest viewer rating of 'Aibou' was recorded during the ninth season with 23.7%. It also was the most successful season with an average rating of 20.3%. The average of all 190 episodes that aired since 2000 amounts to 16.1%.

As usual, 'Aibou season 11' is going to air on TV Asahi every Wednesday at 9:00 pm starting with the upcoming fall season in October.

Source: Oricon


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