Naka Riisa to star in new medical drama 'Resident ~ 5-nin no Kenshui'

August 16, 2012 @ 10:13 pm
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On August 17th, it was announced that actress Naka Risa will be starring in the new TBS drama called 'Resident ~ 5-nin no Kenshui' for the upcoming fall season.

Naka already starred in the late-night drama 'Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo' (2010, NTV) and is going to star in a 10:00 pm drama called 'Tsurukame Josanin' (NHK), which will start airing on August 28th, but 'Resident' is going to be her first starring role in a golden time (7~10 pm) drama.

The story revolves around a group of new medical interns at the emergency and critical care center of a university hospital. 'Miyama Shizuku' (Naka) is one of them and medical care seems to run in her blood, as both of her parents are private clinicians. However, at the hospital she soon realizes that reality is far different from her own ideals of "facing each patient with the utmost sincerity and benevolence, as Naka described her character.

As the title suggests, the group consists of five new medical interns and the remaining four are played by Hayashi Kento, NEWS' Masuda Takahisa, Omasa Aya, and Ishibashi Anna.

Naka commented, "We're all from the same generation and I'm looking forward to work together with them. It probably won't be quiet at the set."

The doctors who will guide the new medical interns are going to be portrayed by Ozawa Yukiyoshi, Furuta Arata, and Sudo Risa.

'Resident ~ 5-nin no Kenshui' is scheduled to air on TBS every Thursday at 9:00 pm, starting sometime in October.

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