Stereopony's AIMI undergoes surgery for vocal cord polyps

August 9, 2012 @ 1:26 am
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It's been announced that Stereopony's AIMI (Vo, G) has gone under surgery due to vocal cord polyps.

AIMI noticed a significant change in her throat during the final performances of the band's recent nationwide tour. After getting examined at the hospital, they discovered polyps in 2 areas of her throat. Although she required surgery right away, AIMI felt that they shouldn't cancel the concerts that had already been decided. Therefore, she continued while getting treatment, and the surgery was delayed until after the tour.

Reportedly, the operation was a success, and AIMI is currently recuperating. She will resume her activities on August 26th at the live event, 'MUSIC MONSTERS -2012 summer-'.

While AIMI is recuperating, member SHIHO (Dr) is residing in Los Angeles to improve her language and drum skills. Meanwhile, NOHANA (B) is studying abroad in South Korea for dance and vocal training.

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