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Takahashi Ai attends press conference for musical that ends abruptly due to irrelevant questions from reporters

August 16, 2012 @ 6:15 pm
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Former Morning Musume. member Takahashi Ai(25) and actress Kanda Sayaka(25) were in Osaka for the musical Akage no Anne. The musical is based on best-selling novel series Anne of Green Gables, and has Kanda in the role of Anne while Takahashi plays Annes friend, Diana. The CM for the musical has been airing on TV (which can be viewed below).

Takahashi and Kanda were in attendance at a press conference held before the musical show. With recent reports of Takahashi in a romantic relationship with comedian Abe Koji (37) along with Kandas mother, singer Matsuda Seiko(50) tying the knot for the third time, a notification was sent out before the press conference warning that only questions relevant to the musical will be entertained and the staff will be on "high-alert" during the press conference.

During the press event, Takahashi and Sayaka talked about how working with the child actors in the musical empowered them. However, the press conference ended abruptly when reporters started asking, About the boost in pregnancy and birth announcements from former Morning Musume members. Staff members intercepted the question and immediately ended the event, while Takahashi and Sayaka could only smile wryly.


Source+ Image: Sponichi


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