Trailer for R18+ rated movie 'Fugainai Boku wa Sora wo Mita' starring Nagayama Kento & Tabata Tomoko released

August 7, 2012 @ 2:21 pm
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On August 6th, the full trailer for the upcoming movie 'Fugainai Boku wa Sora wo Mita' starring Nagayama Kento and Tabata Tomoko was released online.

The movie is based on an award-winning novel of the same name by Kubo Misumi and is directed by Tanada Yuki ('Oretachi ni Asu wa Naissu'). It's a heartrending story about two individuals who are desperately seeking a way to stop the pain, brighten the darkness in their lives, and fill the loneliness in their hearts.

Nagayama is playing a high school senior named 'Takumi'. He was raised in a fatherless family, and his mother runs a maternity hospital. Tabata plays 'Satomi', a housewife and anime lover who likes to call herself 'Anzu'. It's difficult for her to become pregnant, and her mother-in-law forces her to go through infertility treatment and pushes for in vitro fertilization. One day, she hits on 'Takumi' at an anime event. It's the beginning of a secret love affair, which seems to work like medicine for the pain in their hearts.

The movie is rated R18+ in Japan due to its adult themes and some more or less explicit sex scenes. In one scene, 'Anzu' proposes that she and 'Takumi' have sex in cosplay outfits and even wrote a script for it to be as perfect as possible. The trailer is giving us a short glimpse of that unique moment.

However, it's primarily the delicate depiction of the pain the two protagonists are feeling that inevitably draws you into this deep drama, and the short trailer already manages to do just that.

Also appearing in the movie are Kubota Masataka as 'Takumi's' close friend, Harada Mieko as 'Takumi's' mother, and Yamanaka Takashi as 'Satomi's' husband.

'Fugainai Boku wa Sora wo Mita' is scheduled to open in Japan on November 17th.

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