Aikawa Nanase gives birth to her 3rd child

September 17, 2012 @ 10:00 pm
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Singer Aikawa Nanase (37) has announced that she has given birth to her 3rd child!

Through her official website, Aikawa reported, "On the night of the 16th, a healthy baby girl was born! Since I was past my due date, I was worried about what would happen for over a week, but she came out safely."

Aikawa gave birth to her 1st son back in February of 2001, then gave birth to her 2nd son in September of 2007. She expressed, "Everyone, thank you for your concern and support. Thank you!"

Since announcing her pregnancy in April, Aikawa continued to work and even held her annual 'Tanabata' ('Star Festival) live on July 7th. She's also scheduled to hold a concert on December 25th.


Source: Oricon


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