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AKB48's Kojima Haruna blows kisses on the runway for 'Sweet Collection 2012'

September 15, 2012 @ 9:49 pm
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On September 15th, AKB48s Kojima Haruna participated in the fashion show Sweet Collection 2012, hosted by sweet magazine.

Kojima recently collaborated with MERCURY DUO to create her own clothes and appeared on the stage wearing a black mini dress she designed with the brand. She was a professional, walking down the runway and giving high-fives to her fans and blowing kisses.

Kojima has been seen sporting a glamorous body in an assortment of fashion magazines as of late, including popular magazine sweet. Her support from females is steadily increasing with her appearance in these various magazines. Kojima shared her beauty secrets, When Im eating out and see tomatoes on the menu, I always get them since theyre great for the skin. I go to the gym and hit the punching bags. I always make sure to dry my hair immediately.

Also, on her days off, she spends time with fellow member Shinoda Mariko, We go to places like Shinjuku and go shopping. Kojima also discussed her outlook on the fall-winter fashions, I show my skin in the summer, but I also want to continue showing skin during fall and winter as well.


Source: Model Press


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