Gouriki Ayame to become new female host of 'Kiseki Taiken! Unbelievable'

September 4, 2012 @ 7:50 am
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On September 4th, it was announced that young actress Gouriki Ayame is going to become the female host ofBeat Takeshi's (Kitano Takeshi) variety show 'Kiseki Taiken! Unbelievable' (Fuji TV), which airs every Thursday night at 8:00 pm.

By taking on this position as co-host, she is going to follow the footsteps of Sato Aiko, Kobayashi Mao, and Omasa Aya, becoming the 4th female host. In October, the program will enter its 16th year on TV.

She commented, "I've been watching this show since I was a child, and it feels like a dream that I'm being given such an important task. Of course, I'm nervous about working together with Beat Takeshi, but I'd like to enjoy it to the fullest and absorb as many things as I can."

The popular comedic duo Bananaman is also going to be added as new regular to the show. Himura Yuki expressed, "What a surprise! We as regulars... That must be the most 'unbelievable' story!" His partner Shitara Osamu stated, "We want to work on this show with both our old fans and all those people who are going to see us for the first time in mind."

'Kiseki Taiken! Unbelievable' with the new female host and new regulars will start airing on October 4th.

Source: Sanspo


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