'GTO' to air two-hour special episode in October

September 12, 2012 @ 2:10 pm
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On September 11th, it was announced that the remake of 'GTO' (Fuji TV) is going to return with a two-hour special episode in October.

The 'GTO' remake starsEXILE's AKIRA as 'Onizuka Eikichi' and just aired its final episode on the 11th. In the upcoming special, he will have to face corrupt politicians and use all of his energy in order to protect the children of an orphanage that's on the verge of getting closed.

AKIRA expressed, "I kind of knew that it wouldn't end after just 11 episodes. I feel like I'm not done yet with this character and that there's still much room for development for Onizuka Eikichi. You can expect GTO to become even more exciting after this!"

The special will be set several months after the events in the drama. 'Onizuka' gets wind of the imminent closure of the 'Smile Duck' ('White Swan' in the original manga) orphanage due to a certain town development plan and some conflicts of interest for the politicians involved. Of course, he can't just let that happen, and together with his students from class 2-4, he's going all out in order to protect the orphanage.

Most of the actors from the drama will reprise their roles in the special, including Takimoto Miori, Kuroki Hitomi, Shirota Yu, Yamamoto Yusuke, Kawaguchi Haruna, and so on.

Some new characters from the manga are also going to appear in the special, albeit with small changes as is common for a remake. 'Fujisaki Shinomi' is a woman working at the orphanage who is secretly in love with Onizuka. 'Wakui Mayu' is a very handsome student who excels in studies and sports. 'Mayu' recently became a member of class 2-4, but he used to live in the said orphanage until he was adopted by a man who is now a candidate for Prime Minister in the upcoming elections. There will also be a character named 'Ageha' who grew up in the sameorphanage as 'Mayu' and will do anything to protect him. The cast members for these new characters have yet to be announced.

Fuji TV will air the special episode at 9:00pm on October 2nd.

Source: Mantan-Web


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