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Idol unit 'Cheeky Parade' to debut in 2013

September 23, 2012 @ 7:29 pm
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After completing their second mission, SUPER?GiRLSs protge, Cheeky Parade, will have their major debut in January 2013.

The 9 member idol unit, Cheeky Parade, was created on February 19, 2012. The group has performed around 60 lives since their formation and their first mission was to sell all 5000 copies of their indies single Cheeky dreamer. After their lives the group would turn into salesgirls and encourage people to buy their single. Their first mission was completed in May. And their second mission was to have a sold out live at Shinjuku BLAZE which holds a total of 800 people, which they have now completed as well. Since they have completed their two missions, the girls are finally able to have their major debut.

During the live, a member of Avex Entertainment came on stage with the groups new contract. Im going to announce the result of your second mission. Today there are 723 people who came. And, 43 people of the media who have supported you guys since your formation. Therefore, thats a total of 766 people. You girls werent able to reach 800 people. However, youve worked hard until now and you girls have a lot of potential and theres hope for you. So, we want to allow you to have your major debut. Everyone, thats okay right? Cheeky Parade will have their major debut! Congratulations! The announcement caused the fans in the venue to cheer and all of the members to cry.


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