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KAT-TUN grabs No.1 spot on Oricon weekly chart

September 17, 2012 @ 8:53 pm
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KAT-TUN's 19th single, "Fumetsu no Scrum" (released September 12th), has sold 157,000 units in its first week and snatched the number 1 spot onOricon's weekly chart for September 24th.This is KAT-TUN's 19th consecutive single to top the single charts since debuting with "Real Face" back in March of 2006.

"Fumetsu no Scrum" is the theme song for theTBS/MBS drama series, 'Dragon Seinendan', starringKanjani8 member Yasuda Shota. The first press edition includes Tanaka Koki's solo number, "BLACK OR WHITE".

Source: Oricon


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