Kitagawa Keiko cuts her hair for her upcoming drama 'Akumu-chan'

September 20, 2012 @ 10:05 pm
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On September 20th, the first still pictures from the poster shooting for the upcoming fall drama 'Akumu-chan' (NTV), starring Kitagawa Keiko were revealed. The actress will be playing the role of a two-faced teacher in a fantasy-school story and can be seen sporting a new short hairdo, which also became a topic at the short press conference after the shooting.

Kitagawa expressed, "So far I've always only played roles of students and I thought it would be easier to get into the role (of a teacher) by changing my hairstyle as well. That and the fact that I turned 26 last month made me want to cut my hair in order to start anew into the second half of my twenties. It really helped me with my role as well."

The script for 'Akumu-chan' was written by Omori Sumio and is based on Onda Riku's novel 'Yume Chigai'. Kitagawa is playing the primary school teacher 'Mutoi Ayami', whose class gets a new transfer student named 'Koto Yuiko' (child actress Kimura Manatsu). 'Yuiko' has the ability to dream about the future, but all of her dreams only seem to predict catastrophes of all sorts. 'Ayami' usually tries to avoid all kind of troublesome things, but 'Yuiko' reaches out for her help and so she ends up in a journey to avert those catastrophes.

'Ayami' seems like an attractive and smart woman from the outside, but she's actually a malicious and two-faced teacher. Kitagawa can see some similarities between her and 'Ayami'. She explained, "I have two sides as well. In public I'm trying to attempt all kind of things properly, but at home I'm a jersey-wearing and sweets-eating lazy bum. This role is not so different." She joked, "All I have to do for this role is to make use of my own outward appearance and my malicious side."

Kitagawa also talked about her co-star, the 11-year-old child actress Kimura. She said, "Manatsu is probably more mature than I am. I think we will be able to have chats together as if she was an adult. It would be great if we could enjoy the chemical reaction between us."

Another important character will be played by no other than GACKT and Kitagawa already seems to be intimidated by his sheer presence. She stated, "I only happened to catch a sight of him once, so I'm really nervous right now. Am I really worthy of working together with him? He has that divine image that surrounds with a radius of 2 meters."

Finally she added, "It was pure fun to read the script. The story just draws you in as soon as you start reading it."

NTV is going to air 'Akumu-chan' every Saturday at 9:00 pm, starting on October 13th.

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