NMB48's Jo Eriko to graduate from the group

September 3, 2012 @ 9:32 pm
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It was announced that NMB48's Team Mmember Jo Eriko will be graduating from the group in order for her to focus on her studies.

Jo announced her graduation to the fans during the performance at the theater on September 3rd.

Additionally, on NMB48's official site, it says that Jo who will be in her third year of junior high school next year, was distressed about how to manage both her activities and studies. She thought that she could cause trouble for NMB that will continue stepping forward more and more, thus she has decided to graduate.

The further details on Jo's graduation including the date and schedule for her last performance will be announced when it's decided.

Source & Image: natalie

Thanks to StellaFleure for the tip!


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