Nogizaka46's Ito Nene fractures her right little toe

September 5, 2012 @ 6:31 pm
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Nogizaka46's Ito Nene will be absent from the group's stage performance, 'Nogizaka46: 16nin no Principal', due to a fracture in her right little toe.

On September 4th, Ito reported, "The day before our opening day (September 1st), I fractured the little toe on my right foot." She found out about the fracture just before the group's performance on the 3rd, but participated because of her strong desire.

Ito revealed, "the pain became worse, and it became painful to wear my dance shoes." She also explained, "After talking with the staff, it was decided that I should cancel my appearance in the remaining performances."

Since this is Nogizaka46's first stage performance, Ito expressed, "Right now, I have regrettable feelings of not being able to participate in the performance." She continued, "Anyhow, I will concentrate on treating my injury for my future."

'Nogizaka46: 16nin no Principal' will run until September 9th at Shibuya PARCO Theater.

Source & Image: Oricon


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