NYC's Nakayama Yuma to star in the upcoming late-night drama 'Piece'

September 9, 2012 @ 8:14 am
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On September 9th, NTV announced that NYC's Nakayama Yuma is going to star in their upcoming late-night drama 'Piece'.

The drama is based on a manga of the same name by Ashihara Hinako, which has been serialized in the shojo manga magazine 'Betsucomi' since 2008. Nakayama will be playing a cool college student who has to face his shadowy past after meeting a classmate from his high school days, with whom he has been going out at the time. Additional to the love story between those two, the story also contains elements of suspense as the two of them approach their past together.

Nakayama's last lead role in a drama dates back to 'Koishite Akuma' (Fuji TV) three years ago. He commented, "I'd like to create a character that all viewers will be able to connect with."

The said ex-girlfriend will be played by actress Honda Tsubasa. Moreover you can look forward to the appearance of Johnny Jr.'s Matsumura Hokuto.

NTV is going to air 'Piece' every night from Saturday to Sunday at 0:55 am, with the first episode airing on October 6th.

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