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Shibasaki Kou chosen to sing the theme song for Takimoto Miori's upcoming drama

September 12, 2012 @ 1:01 am
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It's been revealed that Shibasaki Kou will be singing the theme song for Takimoto Miori's upcoming drama series, 'Perfect Blue'!

The theme song will be titled "My Perfect Blue", and Shibasaki wrote the song while referring to the drama's title and theme. She explained, "The beautiful and soft color of the sky is the perfect shade to me. Those are the kinds of feelings I put into this song's lyrics and title."

'Perfect Blue' is based on Miyabe Miyuki's debut novel that was released in 1989. It was previously adapted into a tv drama by WOWOW, and was also released in theaters. For the upcoming drama, they will be changing parts of the story by adding characters from Miyabe's other novel, 'Kokoro Torokasu Youna: Masa no Jikenbo'.

Aside from Takimoto, the drama will star Zaizen Naomi, Terawaki Yasufumi, Hirayama Aya, and Funakoshi Eiichiro. Itwill air on TBS every Mondays at 8:00 starting October 8th.

The theme song will be released as Shibasaki's new double A-side single, "My Perfect Blue / Yuku Yuku wa", on October 31st. "Yuku Yuku wa" is provided by Okuda Tamio, and it's the CM song for Kao Asience.

Source & Image: Mantan Web


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