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Silent Siren aims to be the female SMAP

September 15, 2012 @ 2:09 pm
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On September 13th, Silent Siren, a band made up ofamateurmodels, performed at shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE and introduced their new member Kurosaka Yukako (23), an exclusiveamateurmodel for Ray.

The only music experience I have is the piano lessons I took in elementary school, said Kurosaka who has been working hard at mastering the keyboard for a month.

Silent Siren will have their major debut with Sweet Pop! on November 14th. Kurosaka commented, This was the first live Ive ever participated in, and my stomach hurts, but it was fun. The girls performed in front of 500 fans.

After the four finished their live performance, drummer Umemura Hinako (21) said, We want to become a group like SMAP in which each member has her own individuality.

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Source: Sanspo


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