Supporting cast revealed for Miyazaki Aoi and Mukai Osamu's upcoming movie 'Kiiroi Zou'

September 7, 2012 @ 10:04 am
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On September 7th, the supporting cast ofHiroki Ryuichis upcoming movie 'Kiiroi Zou', starring Miyazaki Aoi and Mukai Osamu as a married couple, was released.

As tokyohive reported in May, the movie is based on a popular novel of the same name by Nishi Kanako. It tells the story of the great bond of love between a married couple who simply refer to each other as "Muko-san" and "Tsuma" in a very enchanting way. Miyazaki plays 'Tsumari Aiko', a very innocent and cheerful woman who is able to hear the voices of all living things around her, while Mukai plays an unsuccessful writer called 'Muko Ayumu', who has a huge bird tattoo on his back.

The two got married as soon as they fell in love with each other, and although they both keep secrets from each other, they are somewhat able to live a quiet and happy life. However, one day they receive a letter addressed to 'Muko' and suddenly their lives begin to crumble. Something related to his tattoo forces 'Muko' to go to Tokyo by himself. In the meantime, 'Tsuma' encounters a ghost who leads her to a certain place. Soon they find out that their bond reaches way back to their childhood and a certain picture book with the title 'Kiiroi Zou' ('Yellow Elephant').

The newly announced supporting cast is made up of child actors Hamada Tatsuomi, Asami Himeka, and Honda Miyu, as well as Emoto Akira, Matsubara Chieko, Lily Franky, and Ogawa Tamaki.

All three child actors will portray characters from the couple's childhood. Tatsuomi, who has already gained some experience in movies and dramas, is playing a young truant who is in love with 'Tsuma'. However, he has a very proactive admirer himself, who will be portrayed by Himeka. She's going to make her big-screen debut with this movie. Miyu, who had her breakthrough with the drama 'Kaseifu no Mita', will be playing the young 'Tsuma' who has to stay in a hospital for a long time due to heart problems.

Emoto is playing a man who always leaves his zipper open, while Matsubara is playing his wife. Lily Franky and Ogawa are playing a couple who are somehow related to the tattoo of 'Muko'.

Moreover, the movie is going to feature the voices of Osugi Ren, Emoto Tasuku, Ando Sakura, and Kora Kengo. Osugi is dubbing a tree that's growing in the couple's garden and is called 'Sotetsu' by 'Tsuma'. Emoto is dubbing the goat 'Kosoku' and Ando the stray dog 'Kanyu'. Kora will be in charge of breathing life into a spider, flowers, the rain, and other things. Everything around 'Muko-san' and 'Tsuma' seems to be alive and talking.

'Kiiroi Zou' is slated for release on February 2 ("good married couple day" in Japan), 2013.



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