Toda Erika to star in new NHK drama 'Shotenin Michiru no Minoue Banashi'

September 6, 2012 @ 6:09 pm
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It was recently announced that actress Toda Erika is going to star in her first NHK drama titled 'Shotenin Michiru no Minoue Banashi' (lit. 'The life story of bookstore clerk Michiru'). This drama is scheduled to begin airing in January 2013.

The story of 'Shotenin Michiru no Minoue Banashi' is based on a novel by Sato Shogo called 'Minoue Banashi', which was published in 2009. It revolves around a woman named 'Michiru' (Toda) whose ordinary life suddenly gets turned upside down after winning 200,000,000 Yen (2.5 million USD) in a lottery with a ticket that isn't hers. Suddenly she's experiencing betrayal, murder, and a life on the run...

Toda's supporting cast will be made up of Kora Kengo, Emoto Tasuku, Arai Hirofumi, and Omori Nao.

The whole story is being told from the perspective of a man who calls himself 'Michiru's husband' (Omori).

'Michiru' is living an ordinary life in a provincial city and is working at a bookstore. She has a boyfriend, 'Kyutarou' (Emoto), and they've been together for almost one year now. However, her feelings don't seem to be that strong, since she is also having an affair with the Tokyo businessman 'Toyomasu' (Arai), who came to the provincial city in the name of a major publisher. To make things worse, she decides on the spur of the moment to go to Tokyo with him, although she was only supposed to see him off on his last day in the city.

Before that, a colleague of hers gave her money to buy a lottery ticket in his/her stead, which she did, but she forgot to return it before leaving for Tokyo. Later, when she realizes that she still has the ticket and that it actually was the winning ticket for 200,000,000 Yen (2.5 million USD), she doesn't tell anybody about it and transfers the sum to her own bankbook as soon as possible. That's when her life suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

In Tokyo she only knows one person, her childhood friend 'Takei' (Kora), but his true colors turn out to be much different from what she expected. Her 'Toyomasu' also suddenly disappears off the face of the earth. Meanwhile, 'Kyutarou' is trying to find his girlfriend, who suddenly went to Tokyo without telling him why; and then there's even a murder...

NHK is going to air 'Shotenin Michiru no Minoue Banashi' in their 'Yoru Dora' ('Night Drama') time slot every Tuesday at 10:55 pm. There will be a total of 10 episodes and the first one is slated to air on January 8th, 2013.

The theme song will be provided by the South Korean group U-KISS.

Sources: Mantan-Web, Cinema Today


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