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Posted by 0 pt Friday, September 28, 2012

Upcoming fall drama 'Going My Home' holds press conference


On September 27th, Fuji TV's affiliated TV station KTV held a press conference for their upcoming fall drama 'Going My Home'. The press conference was attended by starring actor Abe Hiroshi, his co-stars Yamaguchi Tomoko, Miyazaki Aoi, Nishida Toshiyuki, and YOU as well as the director Koreeda Hirokazu.

'Going My Home' is a humorous tale that focuses on the clumsy 45-year-old CM coordinator 'Tsuboi Ryota' (Abe) who always seems to be stuck in dilemma, whether that is at home or at his workplace. Over the years he has become estranged with his father, but one day his father needs to get hospitalized and this causes 'Ryota' to suddenly face even more difficult questions. All those questions and the various unique people he happens to meet upon this incident, including a race of tiny people called the 'Kuna' his father claims to have witnessed, change him in a certain way.

It's the first time that Director Koreeda ('Nobody Knows', 'Air Doll') is working on a TV drama. Moreover actress Yamaguchi, who is playing the protagonists wife 'Tsuboi Sae', hasn't appeared in a drama serial since co-starring alongside Kimura Takuya in the 1996 drama 'Long Vacation' (Fuji TV).

Abe stated, "Every day I'm getting teased by the female cast members under the instructions of the director." Abe explained with a bitter smile how he was overwhelmed even by the child actressMakita Aju, "When she didn'treturn my greeting in the morning, I felt depressed the whole day, or when she ignored all my jokes, I wasn't able to recover from that the entire day. She's playing with my heart."

Yamaguchi expressed, "It really has been a long time for me. Every day feels fresh and exciting." She continued, "The script is really interesting and I cannot wait to watch it on TV myself."

Abe commented about Yamaguchi, "I'm really glad that she has chosen this project for her drama comeback after 16 years. Yamaguchi and I already modeled together and I think that it'S because of her success as an actress that someone with a huge body like me was accepted as an actor." Yamaguchi replied, "Abe is really charming, even when playing an effeminate man like this one. Each time we meet and each time we exchange words I'm falling more and more in love with him. I really love you!"

Of course Abe also had a few nice words for her other co-star Miyazaki. He said, "Her acting is so delicate and she has an overwhelming presence." Yamaguchi added, "Miyazaki is like a fairy. She has that feeling of transparency. Every time I see her, she's reading something; maybe sitting in the shade of a tree. She's so sparkling when she's doing that... Beautiful."

Meanwhile Miyazaki herself expressed, "I could not look at his facewhen I met Abe for the first time, because his 'clean-cut features' face made me shy. I was so nervous." She continued, "Yamaguchi and YOU seem so carefree, it's really amazing. When they are together they are always in a very good mood. I'm usually a bit of more of a gloomy person, but those two are happy and positive all the time. I think that's amazing and I want to become a bit like them as well."

It's also the first time that Nishida is working together with Yamaguchi, but he already worked together with her husband Karasawa Toshiaki and shared a nice little story. He said, "Karasawa and I were once talking about food and I said that it's very fluffy and soft. He then replied that there'ssomebodyvery fluffy and soft at his home as well. I thought he was talking about Yamaguchi-san, and was looking forward to meet her." Yamaguchi was clearly embarrassed by that quote of her husband.

'Going My Home' is going to air its first two-hour long episode on October 9th.

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Sources: eiga.com, Cinema Today, Mantan-Web

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