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Kiritani Mirei holds release event for her 1st calendar photo book

October 14, 2012 @ 9:58 pm
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On October 14th, actress Kiritani Mirei held a release event for her 1st calendar photo book, 'toi et moi'.

The calendar was shot in Paris and Tokyo, and it even features pictures of the actress in swim suits. She expressed, "I'm very happy. I've always wanted to release a calendar, so it's like my dream has come true."

In Paris, Kiritani had a photo shoot at over 10 locations. She shared, "During breaks between shoots, I went to a hat shop I wanted to go to, and got a semi-custom hat made."

Kiritani stated that the highlight of the book are pictures she took with the conscious of an adult. "It's filled with a lot of Kiritani Mirei,so please look for something you like."

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Source & Photos: Oricon


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