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MUCC reveals details on new album "Shangri-La"

October 26, 2012 @ 12:00 pm
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Previously we reported thatMUCC will be releasing a new album titled "Shangri-La" on November 28, and now more details have been released.

This marks MUCC's first full album after their label transfer. It will feature a total of 13 tracks including "Arcadia featuring DAISHI DANCE", "Nirvana", and "MOTHER" as well as their new song "G.G.", which is the theme song for the Japanese version of 'The Woman in Black'.

The album will be released in three different versions: Complete Production Edition, Limited Edition, and Regular Edition. The Complete Production Edition will include a photo book along with a live CD containing the Nagoya performance of the band's nationwide tour, "-MUCC 15th Anniversary year Live(s)-'97-12'". The Limited Edition will also come with a live CD including the Sendai performance.

Prior to the album's release, MUCC's new single, "MOTHER", is scheduled to drop in stores on October 31. The members will host a special program called 'NARUTO IN THE NABE' via Nico Nico Namahousou on the 30th. It will feature a special guest appearance by Takeuchi Junko, who voices the protagonist Uzumaki Naruto in 'NARUTO Shippuden'.

Additionally, MUCC will hold an album listening event, "Shangri-La de Shangri-La, Kakkoyosugite Angry da! ~YUKKE, 32-sai Yamerutte yo", on November 5 at Umeda Shangri-La in Osaka.

Check out the jacket covers and track list below!


<Limited Edition>

<Regular Edition>

<Photo Book (Complete Production Edition)>

<Track List>

01. Mr. Liar
02. G.G.
03. Arcadia featuring DAISHI DANCE
04. Nirvana
05. Honey
06. Shuchaku no Kane
07. Pure Black
08. Kyouran Kyousho ~21st Century Baby~
09. Marry You
10. Yozora no Craypas
11. YOU & I
13. Shangri-La

Complete Production Edition CD (-MUCC 15th Anniversary year Live(s)- "97-12"2012.09.16 Zepp Nagoya):
01. Fukurou no Yurikago
02. Anjelier
03. Zetsubou
04. Gentou Sanka
05. Tomodachi ga Shinda Hi
06. 4-gatsu no Rengesou
07. 25-ji no Yuutsu
08. Tsuki no Yoru
09. Ame no Orchestra
10. Kurutta Kajitsu (Warau)

Limited Edition CD (-MUCC 15th Anniversary year Live(s)-"97-12" 2012.09.13Sendai Rensa):
01. Kokuen
02. FUZZ Thunder Groove Ver.-
03. Gekkou
04. Touei
05. Shoufu
06. Kokoro Iro
07. Akatsuki Yami
08. Ieji
09. Ryusei
10. Yasashii Uta


Source & Photos: natalie


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