Nagasawa Masami and more added to the cast of 'Bokutachi no Koukan Nikki'

October 29, 2012 @ 12:01 am
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On October 29th, it was announced that actress Nagasawa Masami is going to appear in a supporting role in Uchimura Teruyoshi's second movie 'Bokutachi no Koukan Nikki'.

'Bokutachi no Koukan Nikki' is an adaptation of Suzuki Osamu's novel 'Geinin Koukan Nikki ~Yellow Hearts no Monogatari~' and depicts the struggles of a comedic duo in the Japanese world of entertainment. Suzuki himself is the writer for many very popular variety and comedy shows on TV and Director Uchimura is a comedian and entertainer himself, which sounds like a perfect combination for this sort of movie.

It was already announced the two protagonists who form the comedic duo 'Bousou Swimmers' are played by Ito Atsushi and Koide Keisuke. Nagasawa is going to play a woman who works at a drugstore at daytime and as a hostess at nighttime. Her boyfriend (Koide) struggles to make a living as a comedian, but she supports him all the way and even becomes his wife.

Kimura Fumino, Kawaguchi Haruna, and Sasaki Kuranosuke were also announced as part of the supporting cast. Kimura plays the woman who later becomes the wife of Ito's character, Kawaguchi plays the daughter of Koide and Nagasawa, and Sasaki plays the TV producer that controls the fate of the comedic duo.

Uchimura commented about the great actors he managed to get for this project, "I think this is an amazing and ideal cast for this movie." He also praised Nagasawa's performance and said, "She did a splendid job portraying the female image of her character and her almost maternal care for the protagonist. Throughout the movie she transitions from a girlfriend into a wife and a mother."

Nagasawa responded, "I've been a big fan of Uchimura since I was a child, which is also why I agreed to play this role." She continued, "He is very kind as a director and always explains every scene in a way that it's very easy to understand. I was immediately able to trust the director and get into my character. He is a fantastic and earnest director."

Kawaguchi revealed that she shed tears when she read the script. Meanwhile Kimura explained it as "a movie filled with a lot of kindness and clumsy affection." According to Kawaguchi, the skits of Ito and Koide are going to make you laugh out loud for sure.

'Bokutachi no Koukan Nikki' is slated for a release on March 23rd, 2013.

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