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SPYAIR to release new single, "WENDY ~It's You~"

October 2, 2012 @ 5:06 pm
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Rock band SPYAIR will be releasing their new single, "WENDY ~It's You~", on November 21st.

The band released 3 singles from March to September, and they also recently released their album, "Just Do It", on September 19th. They're also scheduled to release a collaboration single with SEAMO called "ROCK THIS WAY" on October 17th.

"WENDY ~It's You~" was created as the theme song for NHK's upcoming late-night drama series, 'Koi Suru Hae Onna', which starts in November. A producer for NHK was deeply impressed by SPYAIR's powerful music and heated concert, and requested them to provide the drama's theme song.

'Koi Suru Hae Onna' stars Mimura who plays an elementary school teacher. By clearing unreasonable missions by mysterious men, she's able to change her unappealing lifestyle. The theme song is based on this story, and it's described as a medium-tempo rock tune with a message to push the backs of various people.

Source & Image: natalie


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