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AKB48 sells over 20 million CDs total

November 6, 2012 @ 12:53 pm
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Popular idol group AKB48s 28th single UZA (released October 31) sold 1,129,000 copies in the first week of release and appeared in first place on the November 12thOricon Weekly Singles Chart.

This is their 15th consecutive single to grab first place on the chart and the 10th single to exceed 1 million copies in sales. They are the third group in 13 years and 11 months to have 10 singles break a million copies in sales and the first female singers to do so; Bz achieved this with 15 singles, and Mr. Children achieved this with 10 of their singles.

Since their CD debut in February of 2006, AKB48 has reached a total of 20,300,000 copies (17,597,000 singles sold, 2,703,000 albums sold) in total sales from their 29 singles (their digital single excluded) and their 11 albums. This breaks SPEEDs record of 19,546,000 copies, and it is also the first time that a female group has exceeded sales of 20,000,000 CDs.

Ever since Sakura no Ki ni Narou (released for sale in February 2011), their singles have been selling over a million copies as "UZA" is their 9th consecutive single to exceed 1 million copies in sales. This puts AKB48 in second place, taking the place of Mr. Childrens 8 consecutive singles. (Bz continues to be in first place with 13 consecutive singles.)

In addition, the groups current single has helped AKB48 stay in first place for the following categories for female groups: (1) Most Total Sales (Singles), (2) Most First Week Singles Sales, (3) Most Total Singles to Grab First Place, (4) Most Consecutive First Place Singles, (5) Most Consecutive Million Seller Singles, (6) Most Consecutive Million Seller Singles in First Week of Sales, (7) Most Total Million Seller Singles, and (8) Most Total Sales (Singles and Albums).

Source: Oricon

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