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AKB48's Kasai Tomomi performs her solo debut song for the first time

November 26, 2012 @ 7:52 am
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On November 25th, AKB48's Kasai Tomomi performed her solodebut song, "Masaka", for the very first time during the Japan Cup at Tokyo Keibajo.

This day also marked the start of Japan Racing Association's campaign, 'AKB no Gachi Uma 2 Revenge'. Like the previous campaign, 30 members of AKB48 who are over the age of 20 will compete by betting on a horse race. The winner of the previous campaign, Kasai, was "rewarded" not only with a CM, but also a solo live.

After revealing that "Masaka" would be the title of her debut single, Kasai commented, "Forme the solo debut was 'masaka' ('unexpected'), so I was really surprised and happy with the title 'Masaka'."

She continued, "Until now,I've been active as AKB48 while dreaming for a solo debut and I've been supported by many fans. This is really a moment when my dream has come true, so I want to work even harder in order to get more people to know about 'Kasai Tomomi'."

Kasai sang solo versions of AKB48's "Heavy Rotation" and "Flying Get". She will release "Masaka" on December 26th.

Check out a fancam of her performances of "Heavy Rotation", "Flying Get"(~5:23), and "Masaka" (~10:09).

Source & Photos: Oricon


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