AKB48's Masuda Yuka announces her withdrawal from the group

November 28, 2012 @ 3:21 pm
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On November 28th, AKB48's Masuda Yuka announced on her official blog that she will withdraw from the group.

According to Masuda, there will be a report that she stayed overnight at DA PUMP member ISSA's place, on a weekly magazine which will be issued tomorrow. Masuda wrote there were things that were not true on the report, but she admitted that, "It is true that I stayed there overnight."

She also wrote, "I caused trouble by taking blithe action that lead to a misunderstanding by many people, and I have disappointed the fans who have supported me, team members, junior members, staff members, and my family. I thought a lot about what I should do from now on, and in order for me to take the responsibility, though this is quite a sudden announcement, I am withdrawing from AKB48."

Masuda and ISSA co-stared with each other on Miyamoto Amon's musical "Wiz ~Oz no Mahoutsukai~."

Source & Image: natalie + Masuda Yuka's blog


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