Gouriki Ayame and Sugi-chan have the 'Best Smile of the Year 2012'

November 9, 2012 @ 4:06 am
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On November 8th, actress Gouriki Ayame and comedian Sugi-chan were chosen by 65,000 dentists for the 'Best Smile of the Year 2012' award. They received the award at a small ceremonial event at Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo.

Their smiles seemed even brighter that day and Gouriki commented, "I always try to wear a smile. After all a smile is said to attract only good things. This time it allowed me to receive this wonderful award. It makes me even happier to think of it as the result of my efforts to always face people with a smile. I hope that my smiling face can deliver even more happiness and energy to everyone from now on."

Gouriki also was asked to reveal her impression of Sugi-chan and replied, "He has an amazing smile and a great image."

Sugi-chan responded in return, "It's obvious why she was chosen for this award. How can there be someone with such a lovely smile in this world?"

Previous winners include Takei Emi, Matsushita Nao, Becky, Nagasawa Masami, and others.

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Source: Cinema Today


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