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Horikita Maki receives 'Fountain Pen Best Coordinate Award'


On November 8, actress Horikita Maki attended the award ceremony for the 'Fountain Pen Best Coordinate Award 2012'.

The award is sponsored by Heart Line Project who conducted a poll on their website in order to let people choose two celebrities that look the best with a fountain pen. The actress was picked as one of the winners.

Horikita commented after the ceremony with a fountain pen she received as a gift in her hand, "I'd like to take this opportunity to become a woman with beautiful handwriting. First, I'd like to work on writing my own name." Reporters asked whether she is going to use a fountain pen for her future marriage registration as well, and she replied while looking at the pen, "You're right, I should use this one."

The pen she received as an extra prize is a NAMIKI Maki-e (decorated with gold and silverlacquer) fountain pen titled 'Ume to Uguisu' (English title: 'Apricot Tree and Warbler') worth 100,000 Yen (1,250 USD) by thePilot Corporation.

She was clearly delighted to receive the beautiful pen, especially because she played the role of a girl named 'Ume-chan' in the NHK morning drama 'Umechan Sensei' until recently. In the drama, she was often seen using a fountain pen, but those scenes weren't met without problems. She revealed, "To be honest, I often smeared the ink or ripped the paper. I had a hard time using it."

Horikita continued, "This whole year was all about 'Ume-chan'. Maybe I should write down my feelings with this fountain pen. (With the upcoming Kouhaku Uta Gassen), this very special year is coming to an end for me. Even if I won't be able to avoid mistakes, I'd like to bring it to a conclusion with a smiling face."

The second awardee picked by the popularity poll is the head coach of the Japanese women's national football team, Sasaki Norio. The remaining awardees were chosen by the winners of the previous year.

Actor Ito Shiro picked actress Hada Michiko as this year's awardee, while actress Suzuki Kyoka's vote went to scriptwriter Inoue Yumiko. Okada Takeshi, the former head coach of the Japanese national football team, elected the former manager of the Tokyo Yakult Swallows baseball club, Furuta Atsuya.

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Source: Oricon

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