Ishihara Satomi and Iura Arata receive 'Best Formalist' award

November 17, 2012 @ 4:54 am
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Actress Ishihara Satomi and actor Iura Arata have been elected for the 'Best Formalist 2012' award by the Japan Formal Association (JAFA) and received the awards at a ceremonial event in Tokyo on November 14th.

Of course both actors followed a formal dress code for the event. Ishihara was wearing a beautiful pink dress that she helped design and commented, "I was really particular about certain details such as the position of the stones and the volume of the dress."

Iura sported a black and grey formal suit. As a long-time model, he is more used to breaking formal standards rather than formal wear itself. He expressed, "I can feel how my body is already becoming all tense (wearing a suit). If I continue like that, maybe I'll get invited to more of such events." The actor also received the 'Best Jeanist' award this year, which proves that he is looking good in formal and casual wear. "I'm really happy that I get to receive awards for both such different styles."

He was also overwhelmed by Ishihara's beauty and commented, "She's staggeringly beautiful. She's not just wearing a dress, but also changes her expressions according to what she's wearing." Meanwhile, she said about Iura, "He looks very attractive and stylish. It just suits him."

At the press conference after the event, Ishihara was asked about her plans for her upcoming birthday on December 24th. She replied, "I'll be on stage performing a play and after that I'll be on a talk show. The next day I'll have to get to work early in the morning, so I'll just go to bed and take care of my physical condition without any big event." While reflecting on the year 2012, she said, "I feel like I was able to move forward step by step. I did a lot of things that I wanted to do this year. It was a joyful year for me."

Iura was seen wearing a dress gown for the first time. He commented at the press conference, "It makes me look dignified." He continued, "It's actually the first time I'm wearing an all-formal outfit." Reflecting on the year, he added, "This year I've come across many different roles in movies and dramas."

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