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Oricon reveals ranking of ideal faces chosen by women

November 23, 2012 @ 5:07 pm
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Oricon recently conducted a poll asking 500 women from their teens to their forties "which female celebrity has the ideal face?"

First place for Oricon's "6th ideal faces chosen by women ranking" went to none other than actress Ayase Haruka. As this is her 2nd consecutive year to top the ranking, she expressed, "I don't have confidence, but it gives me a positive feeling! Thank you. I will do my best to impress everybody through products."

Check out the top 10 below!


1. Ayase Haruka

2. Kitagawa Keiko

3. Aragaki Yui

4. Miyazaki Aoi

5. Amuro Namie

6. Sasaki Nozomi

7. Shibasaki Kou

8. Ishihara Satomi

9. Matsushima Nanako

10. Kiritani Mirei

Source & Photos: Oricon


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