Iijima Naoko remarries on Christmas Day

December 26, 2012 @ 3:19 pm
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Actress Iijima Naoko (44) has announced that she has gotten married to a non-celebrity man (45) on Christmas Day.

In a fax message sent through her agency, Iijima introduced her new husband as a non-celebrity man who manages a company. They started dating shortly after meeting about 3 years ago. Since Iijima had a day off on this day, the couple submitted their marriage papers together at a ward office in Shibuya.

Iijima expressed, "This day came around naturally. I think this is because he has a kindness and understanding toward me as well as my important family and friends. He's a reliable and wonderful person who always supports me."

Iijima married TUBE member Maeda Nobuteru (47) back in September of 1997 but later divorced in March of 2001. During a press conference for a drama in October of 2003, the actress commented on remarriage saying, "I haven't given up."

While the couple are already living together in Tokyo, Iijima is not pregnant at this time. Regarding their wedding ceremony, she stated, "If our schedule matches, we'd like to hold it somewhere next year."


Source: Sanspo 1, 2


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