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Seiyuu unit, YuiKaori's new single 'Shiny Blue' to be released in March

December 19, 2012 @ 7:27 pm
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Voice actress unit YuiKaori will release their new single Shiny Blue on March 13, 2013. The group is comprised of Ogura Yui, who voiced Kanda Yuko in Sakurasou no Petto na Kanojo, Takenaka Hanbei in Oda Nobuna no Yabo", Ishihara Kaori who voiced Aladdin in Magi, and Cui Yifei in Total Eclipse.

The duo recorded 2 songs including Shiny Blue, the opening theme song of the PS Vita game ~Seimado Monogatari~, in which Ogura voices the protagonist Pupuru, and Ishihara voices the character Puni. In addition, a DVD with the Shiny Blue music video will be included with the first-press limited edition of the single. To stay updated on news regarding their single, you can visit YuiKaoris official homepage.

Single Details

YuiKaori Shiny Blue, on sale March 13, 2013
M1. Shiny Blue *PS VITA ~Seimado Monogatari~ Opening Theme Song
M2. Title unknown
M3. Shiny Blue *official vocal version
M4. Title unknown *official vocal version

First-Press Limited Edition (CD + DVD)
Product number: KICM-91438
Price: ?1,600 (tax included)
*Includes Shiny Blue Music Video DVD

Normal Version (CD)
Product Number: KICM-1438
Price: ?1,200 (tax included)

Source & Image:listen Japan via Yahoo! JAPAN


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