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Posted by Shiso TH STAFF Monday, December 31, 2012

White team is victorious for this year's Kohaku Uta Gassen


On December 31st, NHK held their annual "The 63rd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen" at NHK Hall. This year, the white team grabbed the victory for the first time in 2 years.

Below are the performances from this year's NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen.


Horikita Maki, the host of the red team, and Arashi, the host of the white team, made appearances in Kimonos, and declared the theme of this year, "Uta de Aitai." Horikita stated, "We will aim for a victory 2 years in a row.", while Arashi  said, "We were going to win last year, but we lost. We will try our best this year."

The first performer, Hamasaki Ayumi performed medley. She appeared in white lamé dress, and changed her dresses to blue mini-dress, and then pink mini-dress.

NYC performed "NYC Kohaku Medley." This is the 4th time for them to appear on Kohaku. The medley included "Haina!", "Yume Tamago", and "Yuuki 100%."

SKE48 appeared. Senbatsu members were in blue mini-dresses, while other members appeared in purple, pink, and orange mini-dresses.The girls performed "Pareo wa Emerald."  Kenkyuusei, Fujimoto Mitsuki showed a backflip, and received the cheers by the audience.

Golden Bomber made their first ever appearance on Kohaku. They handed out white masks that look like a member Darvish Kenji's make-up, to the judges and audience, and performed their hit song "Memeshikute."

AAA performed "777~We can sing a song!~" cheerfully, and livened up the venue.

Nakashima Mika appeared in red sleeveless dress, and performed "Hatsukoi" gently.

Sandaime J Soul Brothers appeared, and performed "Hanabi."

Mizuki Nana performed "BRIGHT STREAM."

Arashi members appeared with Disney characters. Then AKB48, Perfume, and Kanjani 8 showed up, and they performed Disney song medley altogether.

FUNKY MONKEY BABYS who will disband in June, performed "Sayonara janai" for their fans all over Japan. After the performance, FUNKY Kato screamed, "Thank you very much~!!"

Fuji Ayako appeared in white long dress, and performed "Wasurenai", the theme song to "Little Charo." On the screen behind her, heartwarming video of the "Little Charo" was shown.

HY performed "Ichiban Chikaku ni" which is the theme song for NHK's ongoing morning drama series "Jun to Ai". The cast members of the drama, Tachi Hiroshi, Natsuna, and Kazama Shunsuke sent a yell for them.

Mizumori Kaori appeared in pink dress, and performed "Hitori Nagaragawa." During the performance, the hem of the dress started getting longer, and Mizumori was lifted up. The audience and judges gave her big cheers.

Naoto Inti Raymi made his first appearance on Kohaku. He revealed that he has been a "soccer friend" with Sawa Homare, the MF of Nadeshiko Japan, who participated as one of the judges, and he performed "Brave" which is said to be Sawa's favorite song.

Ishikawa Kasumi who won the silver medal for table tenis at the London Olympics, appeared in pink Kimono, and introduced Koda Kumi's song with, "I always listen to her songs before a match, and receive a high spirit from them." Then Koda performed "Go to the top" in a yellow costume.

Hosokawa Takashi appeared along with Momoiro Clover Z, and they collaborated for "Naniwa Bushi dayo Jinsei wa."

Kozai Kaori made an appearance from the audience, in white and black Kimono. Receiving a cheer from Momoiro Clover Z, she performed "Sake no Yado."

Porno Graffitti showed their calm, but great performance, as the vocalist Okano Akihito sang "Kageboushi" with Shindo Haruichi playing an acoustic guitar.

Judoka, Matsumoto Kaori who won a gold medal at the London Olympics, appeared in Kimono, and introduced Nishino Kana's "GO FOR IT!!" that she listened to during the training. Nishino then appeared in pastel colored mini dress, and showed the cheerful performance with cheer leaders.

Tachi Hiroshi performed "Arashi wo Yobu Otoko" with Ishihara Yujiro's video on the back screen.

Comedian Sugi-chan appeared to cheer Godai Natsuko. Godai performed "Koi Zange" while AKB48 members in Kimonos, participated as her backup dancers.

Mori Shinichi performed "Fuyu no Riviera", and the venue was colored in white psyllium penlights.

Ayaka made an appearance, and performed "Hajimari no Toki."

Nakamura Masatoshi, Sandwich Man, Nishida Toshiyuki, Arakawa Shizuka, Mori Kumiko performed reconstruction aid song, "Hana wa Saku" with the piano accompaniment by Tsujii Nobuyuki.

- The preliminary result for the first voting by the viewers announced. White team: 224,119 votes, Red team: 212,317 votes -

The first performer for the last half was Kanjani 8 who made their first appearance on Kohaku. It started with Okura Tadayoshi's Japanese drum performance, and then the group performed, "Naniwa Iroha Bushi" and "Musekinin Hero."

Momoiro Clover Z made their appearance. Momota Kanako, Tamai Shiori, and Sasaki Ayaka appeared in white costumes, while Takagi Reni and Ariyasu Momoka appeared in black costumes. They received "Congratulations" from the audience as this was the very first time for them to appear on the Kohaku. They first performed "Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi tachi yo", after the song, the girls showed their costume change in a moment, and performed "Ikuze! Kaito Shoujo."

TOKIO performed "KIBOU" wearing matching striped suits.

Fukuyama Masaharu appeared via an outside broadcasting from Pacifico Yokohama, and greeted. Kabuki actors the 9th Ichikawa Chusha (Kagawa Teruyuki) as well as Ichikawa Ennosuke also appeared along with Fukuyama.

3-member techno pop unit Perfume made an appearance, and performed, "Spring of Life." During the performance, Perfume became 12-member unit as 3 of CG Perfume appeared on the stage.

Kobukuro performed, "Kami Hikouki", and the venue was colored in blue psyllium penlights.

AKB48 who has performed on Kohaku four years in a row, performed "UZA", "Gingham Check", and "Manatsu no Sounds good!" They showed a quick costume change which only took 6 seconds. In the end, 170 girls (including the sister groups' members) spelled out letters that say "Nippon Lalala Ganbarou."

Go Hiromi appeared, and performed "Dangerer?" with tap dancing.
-no video found-

aiko performed "Kuchibiru" in red and black dress. Soap bubbles were floating around the stage, and the venue was colored in pink psyllium penlights.
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Croquette and AKB48 appeared on the stage to cheer for Itsuki Hiroshi. Croquette mimicked Itsuki's "Yokohama Tasogare." Then Itsuki performed "Yoake no Blues" while AKB48 beating time with their hands.

SMAP's Nakai Masahiro and "Gory Pamyu Pamyu" (portrayed by Inagaki Goro) appeared to cheer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Kyary performed "Fashion Monster" in rainbow colored puffy costume, and "Tsukema Tsukeru" in showy yellow dress.

Arashi performed "Furusato."

SMAP's Katori Shingo, the cast members of Horikita Maki's NHK morning drama series "Ume-chan Sensei",Takahashi Katsumi, Minami Kaho, Matsuzaka Tori, appeared to cheer for Horikita.

Tokunaga Hideaki performed "Ue wo Muite Arukou."

Yuki Saori made her appearance via an outside broadcasting from Portland, Oregon. She performed "Yoake no Scat" together with Pink Martini.

Saito Kazuyoshi made his first appearance on Kohaku. He performed "Yasashiku Naritai" which was the theme song for a big hit drama "Kaseifu no Mita."

Tendo Yoshimi collaborated with Kanjani 8 and TOKIO. While Kanjani 8 and TOKIO members dance in gold Happi coats, Tendo performed "Soran Matsuri Bushi."

YUI who will go on hiatus after 2012, appeared. She performed "Good-bye days" while playing guitar, and gave a deep bow in the end.

"Sakura songs battle" started. Nishida Toshiyuki who will appear in next Taiga drama "Yae no Sakura" cheered the white team in Fukushima dialect. Hikawa Kiyoshi sang "Sakura" for the white team.

For the red team, Sakamoto Fuyumi performed "Yozakura Oshichi" backed by the Shidare Cherry.

Ayase Haruka who will star in next Taiga drama "Yae no Sakura", and served as one of the judges, introduced Arashi's songs. Receiving loud cheers from the audience, Arashi members appeared in blue lamé jackets and pink pants. They started with "Wild at Heart", and changed their costumes to black and white suits, then performed "Face Down."

SMAP's Kimura Takuya introduced Miwa Akihiro's "Yoitomake no Uta", with, "It's the time for a selfless love song that tells the ties between parent and child." In a spotlight, Miwa performed the song in a black costume.

Wada Akiko performed "Ai, Todokimasuka" with the videos of Mori Mitsuko and Nakamura Kanzaburo who have passed away this year, as the background.

MISIA made an appearance via an outside broadcasting from Namib Desert, in Namibia. In the magnificent view, MISIA performed "Everything" and "Ashita e" strongly.

Yazawa Eikichi appeared in black suit, and performed "IT'S UP TO YOU!" When Aiba Masaki asked him for a message to the viewers, he shouted "Thank you very much" with a smile.

EXILE performed "Rising Sun" wearing black and gold suits, while the golden confettis falling on the stage.

YUKI who made her first appearance on the Kohaku as a solo singer, performed "Prism" only with piano accompaniment. The venue was colored in white psyllium penlights.

Fukuyama Masaharu appeared once again via an outside broadcasting with Kabuki actors Ichikawa Ennosuke and Ichikawa Chusha. Fukuyama performed "Beautiful Life" while Ennosuke and Chusha were in the air.

Princess Princess who reunited after 16 years since their disbandment, appeared in red costumes which had a diamond design on each costume. They performed "Diamonds", and enjoyed their first appearance on Kohaku.

Ishikawa Sayuri made an appearance in red Kimono with big white lily on it, and performed, "Amagigoe" soulfully.

Kitajima Saburo appeared, and performed "Fusetsu Nagare Tabi" on the stage that confetti falling on.

As the final performer for the red team, Ikimonogakari made appearance. They performed "Kaze ga Fuiteiru", the theme song for NHL's London Olympics broadcast, with the videos from the Olympics. During the performance, the medalists, such as Yoshida Saori, Irie Ryosuke, and Sawa Homare came on the stage together with the performers of the red team.

The final performer for the white team, and this year's Kohaku Uta Gassen, SMAP appeared in red suits. They first performed "Moment", then "Sakasama no Sora", the theme song for "Ume-chan Sensei."

Before the announcement for the results of victory or defeat, Horikita commented, "I was able to hang in here until the end, because of the strength from everybody's songs. Thank you very much."

Matsumoto Jun also said, "It went by so fast. We were able to spend a lot of time together. We wish that everyone will be able to spend day to day happily for the year of 2013."

Finally, the result was announced; 318,625 votes for the red team, and 351,942 votes for the white team, thus, this year's Kohaku ended with the white team's victory. Ohno Satoshi made a joyful comment with "We won!", and received the champion flag from Yoshida Saori.

As the finale, all the participants appeared on the stage, and they sang "Hotaru no Hikari."


Source: Nikkan sports

Image: NHK

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