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Kuwata Keisuke to sing the theme song for 'Saikou no Rikon'

January 7, 2013 @ 8:43 am
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On January 6th, a preview screening forFuji TV's drama, 'Saikou no Rikon', was held at Odaiba Cinema Mediage in Tokyo.

At the event,Eita, who plays the protagonist 'Hamasaki Kosei', andOno Machiko, who plays his ex-wife 'Yuika', made an appearance together. While it was their first time starring together, they showed their good relationship by calling each other by their first names "Eita" and "Machiko". Eita even helped Ono walk down the stairs by holding her hand.

During the event, it was also announced that Kuwata Keisuke will be singing the theme song for the drama. The song, "Yin Yang", will be released as a triple A-side single on March 13th. This will be Kuwata's first time providing a theme song for a drama since "Ginga no Hoshikuzu" for 'CONTROL ~Hanzai Shinri Sousa~' back in 2011.

The drama's ending will feature Eita, Ono, Maki Yoko, and Ayano Go dancing to "Yin Yang". The men will be dressed in tuxedos and the women in dresses with a slit. The dance is said to change per episode.

On this day, Maki was absent from the event due to a cold and Ayano due to a strained back. 'Saikou no Rikon' will air every Thursday at 10:00 pm starting January 10th.

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Source & Photos: Sanspo


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