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Morning Musume announces Tanaka Reina's graduation date

January 23, 2013 @ 8:31 pm
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On January 23rd, popular idol group Morning Musume appeared at a release event for their new single "Help me!!", and announced at a press conference held before the event, that member Tanaka Reina's graduation concert would be on May 21 at Nippon Budokan. It also happens to be the final day of their upcoming nation-wide tour titled "Morning Musume Concert Tour 2013 Haru Michishige?Eleven SOUL ~Tanaka Reina Sotsugyou Kinen Special~" that will start on March 16.

Tanaka announced her graduation from the group back in November of last year, and after the graduation, she will shift her band activities into full swing. "Though I have about 3 months left, I would like to enjoy my Morning Musume life until the end." Tanaka said with a smile.

Regarding the group after she leaves, Tanaka commented, "I don't feel insecure about the group itself, but I am worried that Sayu (Michishige Sayumi) will have to lead the group by herself. Up until now, I was the one who listened to her stories when she felt frustrated...", but then she continued, "but they will be able to manage somehow, since that's how Morning Musume is. They will be alright just like until now!"

The leader, Michishige also commented, "Reina is very important person for me, and for Morning Musume as well, but I want her to try her best to make her dream come true. We will also try our best as hard as Reina."

Morning Musume's new single "Help me!!" that was released on the same day, was the first single since the 11th generation member Oda Sakura joined the group. It topped the Oricon daily chart on the release day by selling 61,291 copies.

Source & Image: Oricon(1+2)


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