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Nonami Maho makes her first public appearance after marriage & pregnancy announcement


On January 8th, actress Nonami Maho attended a press conference for the upcoming movie, 'Tsuya no Yoru Aru Ai ni Kakawatta, Onna-tachi no Monogatari'.

This marked Nonami's first public appearance after announcing her marriage to actor Mikami Kensei last month. She herself reported, "I'm going to have a baby in June," and said, "I feel that there is a new stage waiting for me in life as well as in my career as an actress."

'Tsuya no Yoru Aru Ai ni Kakawatta, Onna-tachi no Monogatari' tells a story about a man named Matsuo (Abe Hiroshi), who has been struggling with his wife Tsuya's infidelity. One day, his wife falls ill and becomes unconscious. Matsuo approaches the men his wife was involved with to ascertain their relationship.

Nonami, who plays the woman that's in love with Tsuya's ex-husband, expressed, "I am envious of Tsuya, who lives freely but has someone who knows her true nature, loves her, and takes care of her until her last moment." She added, "I think couples who have been together for a long time can watch this and have interesting conversations."

Abe Hiroshi, Koizumi Kyoko, Fubuki Jun, Kutsuna Shiori, and director Yukisada Isao were also present at the event.

The movie will open in theaters on January 26th.

Source & Images: Oricon

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