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ORANGE CARAMEL to release their first Japanese album

January 12, 2013 @ 7:39 am
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AFTER SCHOOL sub-unit ORANGE CARAMEL will be releasing their first Japanese album titled "ORANGE CARAMEL" on March 6th.

The album will contain ORANGE CARAMEL's Japanese debut single,"Yasashii Akuma", which ranked number 10 in Oricon's weekly chart. It will also include their double A-side single, "LIPSTICK / Lamu no Love Song", as well as Japanese versions of their hit tracks such as "Mahou Shojo", "AING", and "BANGKOK CITY".

Check out the details beneath the cut!


<Music Video Edition (CD+DVD)>

- AING (Japan Ver.)
- Mahou Shojo (Japan Ver.)
- Cookie Cream & Mint (New Song)
- Bangkok City (Japan Ver.)
- LIPSTICK (Japan Ver.)
- Lamu no Love Song
- Yasashii Akuma
- Shanghai Romance (Japan Ver.)
*Total 10 songs

01. Cookie Cream & Mint
02. Lamu no Love Song
03. LIPSTICK (Japan Ver.)
04. Yasashii Akuma
05. Bangkok City (Original Ver.)
06. Shanghai Romance (Original Ver.)
07. AING (Original Ver.)
08. Mahou Shojo (Original Ver.)
09. Special Making Movie


<Variety Edition (CD+DVD)>

Same as Music Video Edition

- Variety Program (Ore Cara Channel RETURNS!! ~Watashi wo ??? ni Tsuretette~)
- Variety Footage Making Movie


<CD Edition (CD-Only)>

Same as Music Video Edition
Bonus Tracks: New solo songs from each member


Source: ORANGE CARAMEL's Official Website


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