Takei Emi & Kutsuna Shiori celebrate the debut of Oscar Promotion's new girls' unit X21

January 28, 2013 @ 9:06 pm
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On January 28th, Oscar Promotions held a press conference to reveal their new girls' unitX21. Actresses Takei Emi and Kutsuna Shiori attended the event as guests to root for their juniors.

X21 is made up of many promising young girls such as Yoshimoto Miyu and Ozawa Nanaka, the two winners of the '13th Japan Bishojo Contest' in 2012. Many other girls who participated in the contest were selected for this group of 21 as well. The group consists of girls from primary school to senior high school age and the average age of the girls is said to be 14. The 'X' in the group's name is supposed to symbolize the unknown and unpredictable potential of this next-generation girls' unit.

Takei sported a one-piece mini dress and stated, "Congratulations on your debut. I hope that the 21 of you will work had together as good friends and as rivals." She continued, "It's still new for me to have something like juniors. I'm looking forward to the day when we will be able to work together. Leader Yoshimoto Miyu, please do your best to lead the group."

Kutsuna was wearing a fresh blue outfit from head to toe. "They are my very first juniors and I like it a lot," she said with a smile and was impressed by their lively and honest introductions. "I was amazed how they all behaved so well. Even now I am still clumsy, so maybe I should follow their example from now on. Just stay as honest and level-headed as you are right now and you will definitely achieve something. Please do your best everyone!"

Leader Yoshimoto commented, "I want 2013 to become our year. We are a group of many great individuals and posses a great energy. We will do our best to spread this energy throughout Japan and eventually throughout the world." She was also asked to comment on the sensitive issue of having boyfriends and replied, "I guess it's not allowed? Anyway, we are having so much fun as a group that we can live without it."

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Source: Model Press, Billboard Japan, Geinou News Lounge


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